The detailed design and usage of premium quality materials makes sure that the Hermit product stays with you for years. At Hermit, we believe in ultimate customer satisfaction and if the pre-booked bag doesn’t meet your expectations, we are ready to take it back within 7 days of delivery with full money back guarantee of the product (shipping excluded).




All Hermit products are meticulously crafted with the finest quality leather, fabrics and fittings. The premium leather used boasts of its own personality with unique texture and tonal variations. Over continuous usage, the leather is prone to develop marks, scratches and colour variations, which is a natural characteristic of the material and enhances the uniqueness of each product.

To make sure that your bag is by your side for years, avoid the product’s contact with water and sunlight and when not in use, store the product in a dry place secured in the protective cloth bag. To care for the bag and keep the finish intact, gently rub a wax-free polish with a soft cloth over the leather.